Neck Correct
Cervical Spine Rehab Device
by Hill Therapeutics & Dr. Hargis DC, DABCO

Help restore the normal cervical curve and reduce pain associated with forward head posture.

How Neck Correct Works

Neck Correct comprises an elastic strap that is pulled into the mid rearward neck as the user grasps the two forward handles. Pulling with a light force of a few pounds, the user is able to stretch the neck forward slightly, allowing the two rearward curves to contact the head and shoulder region. At this point, a series of exercises are performed against resistance coils to strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back.

As the user places the elastic strap to the mid-neck and pulls forward to position the rearward curve to the skull base and shoulder, approximately 4 pounds of forward pressure is exerted by the elastic strap on the mid-cervical spine. When the product and patient are positioned in this fashion, and as the patient maintains forward pull on the handles, a series of exercises is performed. Ten minutes of daily exercise is sufficient to strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back.

spinal curve restoration

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Neck Correct Before and After

Cautions and Considerations

The exercises needed to strengthen the cervical muscles are somewhat strenuous, and like any exercise routine, need to commence slowly. Patients with unstable cervical spines, or patients having spines with advanced degenerative changes, are advised only to use this device with the consent of their doctor. As with any treatment, good judgment should be exercised. Should symptoms flair, the regimen should be discontinued until it can be determined that the patient has sufficient healing or capacity for the exercises.

About Dr. Calvin Hargis

Calvin Hargis, DC, DABCO, is a 1980 magna cum laude graduate of Palmer Chiropractic School and a board-certified chiropractic orthopedist. He is a patented inventor with various braces currently in production. Contact him at

Neck Correct

Questions and Answers with Dr. Calvin Hargis, DC, DABCO

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