Hill Laboratories Company Traction and Massage Tables

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All of our tables are custom made to order and backed by a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor.

Anatomotor Anatomotor Roller/Massage with Traction

Amazingly versatile, the Anatomotor roller massage table features soft-tissue massage, intermittent and constant traction, heat and vibration.

Starting at $2250
Finance for $77/mo

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Anatomotor Stationary Anatomotor

The Stationary-top Anatomotor gives the same quality of massage and spinal mobilization provided by our moveable-top Anatomotor in a 6'3" space.

Starting at $2450
Finance for $83/mo

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Rolfing Table Rolfing Table

Hill Laboratories has partnered with Dr. Scott Quinn to create an exclusive Structural Integration, Soft Tissue Manipulation table designed specifically for Rolfers.

Starting at $2595
Finance for $88/mo

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Hill Massage Table Hill Massage Table

The attractive design of the Hill Massage Table inspires confidence and breathes professionalism. It's fully enclosed base is safer than many of the open-base massage tables on the market today.

Buy for $1995

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