Chiropractic Group 6 HF54+ Therapeutic Ultrasound Combo Machine Hands-Free
Includes Electric Muscle Stim
HF54+ Therapeutic Ultrasound Combo Machine Hands-Free
Shown with optional Horizon Light Therapy and Hand-Held Soundhead
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A Hands-Free Therapeutic Ultrasound Device to increase your efficiency.
The HF54+ eliminates the two most common application errors associated with a traditional manual ultrasound treatment that have been shown to reduce the therapeutic effectiveness of ultrasound.

The HF54+ is the first and only Ultrasound cleared by the FDA for hands-free use.

HF54 Ultrasound Soundhead
Our Unique Ultrasound Soundhead
The HF54+ produces an even distribution of sound waves throughout its large (3 5/8") soundhead of 3 uniform and harmonized crystals. The molded Gel-Pad is the conductive medium for the transducer used with the HF54+, eliminating the need for messy tubed or bottled gels.
At 65cm2, the HF54+ Soundhead is over 6x times the size of a convention transducer.
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Reduced Errors vs Traditional Hand-Held Ultrasound
It is difficult for providers to properly administer manual ultrasound for 10 minutes or more. However, studies show that treatments over 10 minutes are much more effective. Moving a traditional ultrasound over a large area reduces the ultrasound dosage to the targeted injury, which therefore reduces the effectiveness of an ultrasound treatment.
Administer a safe, low intensity pulsed ultrasound over a larger surface area.
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Combo Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulation
Combination Interferential Muscle Stim / Premod Current
The HF54+ comes standard with two channels of Interferential and Premod muscle stimulation current. Premod can be used in combination with ultrasound directly through 1 or 2 soundheads (shown) or independently with the provided electrode packs.
Save time and space with ultrasound and stimulation in one easy to use device.
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HF54 Manual Ultrasound Option
Add-on Dual Soundhead configuration or a traditional hand-held soundhead
The HF54+ can be ordered with an additional hands-free soundhead to treat two patients/areas at one time. Additionally, a manual hand-held soundhead (shown) can be added to treat smaller areas.
A variety of options available to satisfy your needs.
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  • HF54 PLUS Hands-Free Therapeutic Ultrasound Generator
  • Swing-Arm with Soundhead
  • Combo IFC and Premod Current, TENS and Russian – through the stimulation pads or the soundhead
  • 2 Muscle Stimulation Wires
  • 5″ x 3″ Electrodes (2 packs)
  • 3″ Electrodes (2 packs)
  • Cut Off Switch
  • 2 Gel Pads (2 of each size) & Retainer Ring
  • Rolling Cart with Basket
  • Weight Bag & Velcro Straps
  • Utility Tray & Spray Bottle
Generator Dimensions
11"W x 11"L x 9"H
Soundhead Dimensions
Electrical Requirements
115V-60HZ grounded wall outlet
Ultrasound Power
Up to 10W or 0.36 W/cm2
Ultrasound Pulse Rate
Intermittent 60x / second
Billing Codes
CPT 97032-97039 (Attended Modality; Verbal, Visual, Manual)
1 Year Warranty
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