Rush Service

Need your order sooner?


Choose Expedited Shipment – 60 days or less.

High volume demand has made our wait times too long for some of our customers. We understand — and we are literally working overtime with an expedited assembly process for customers who need their orders sooner than our standard delivery time.

For an added 15% of the total product cost (including options but excluding delivery charges), we’ll complete and ship your Hill table or chair in 60 days or less. This fee is necessary to cover the cost of additional material supply and overtime labor.

Review the standard estimated delivery times to see if this option is necessary to meet your needs. Standard times vary by model and can be viewed on each individual product page under the base model price.

Delivery Times

During online checkout, you may option for the Rush Service by ticking this checkbox and the additional charge will automatically be added to your order:



Airflex II Table
Present quoted shipment: 4 months
Expedited Shipment: 60 days or less
Expedited Delivery Cost: $944.25 (Base Price of $6295 x 15%)
Total Cost with Expedited Option: $7239.25


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