Physical Therapy Group 6 Massage Electric Lift Table
+ 33 Color Options
Cushion Color Options
Standard Vinyl
Finesse Material
Base Color
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Easy on your staff and comfortable for your clients
The elevation lift height and the comfort of the Hill Massage table is ideal for any massage and holistic therapy techniques including deep tissue massage, ashiatsu massage, hot stone, cupping, reiki and acupuncture.
Hill Massage Table
Quiet and dependable
Work at the ideal height by tapping a foot pedal and easily adjust for different patients and techniques from 21" to 31". The lift elevation motor is a quiet so not to interupt the relaxation of the therapy. With a generous working surface, the massage table top is 27"W x 75"L with rounded corners and the multi-layered cushion system. For a larger surface, we can manufacture the massage table at 30" wide.
At the end of each day, you'll thank yourself for an electric lift table
Build Your Hill Massage Table
Massage Table Face Rest
Those 90 minute massage appointments just got a whole lot better.
One of the biggest complaints you probably hear from your clients may be regarding sinus pressure from laying prone too long. Each Hill Massage Table comes with an Aero-Cell face cushion, one of the most comfortable crescent pillows on the market today. An Easy-Lock Face Cradle positions your client's head quickly and easily at any angle and height.
The Hill Aero-Cell face pillow delivers maximum comfort.
Build Your Hill Massage Table
  • 27"W Top
  • Aero-Cell Face Pillow
  • Easy-Lock Face Cradle
  • Electric Elevation
  • 1" Soft over 1.5" Medium Foam
  • Thermo-Plastic Base
  • Powder-Coated Steel
Electric Height
21" - 31"
27"W (30"W optional) x 75"L (w/Headpiece - 86")
1" soft over 1.5" medium density combination.
Product Weight
Lifting Capacity
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty On All Parts

Delivery Methods

We have three methods of delivery:

  1. Standard Freight: By appointment and inside or curbside delivery
  2. White Glove Freight: By appointment, set up inside room and remove packaging
  3. Hill Dealer Delivery: By appointment, set up inside room and product demonstration (Available in dealership regions only)

We do our best to make delivery easy. Please note that delivery costs may vary. An estimate can be provided at the time of ordering. Global transit times vary from 2-7 business days. International shipments may be extended due to customs and local duties.

Hand-Built for You

At Hill Labs, we build all of our tables custom to order. All models have various lead times needed to build and ship your order. If you have any questions about the current production lead times, or if you have specific timing needs, please contact us.

Here are the most common support materials for this model. If you need additional information, check out our Service & Support Center.

Taking good care of your table will help it last a long time. Here are instructions for how to clean your Hill Labs table:

  1. Spray Hill Labs Upholstery Cleaner on your table top and wipe down your table using a soft cloth.
  2. If you are using a product other than one tested on Hill vinyl, test the cleaner on a small area of the table first to ensure no discoloration happens.
  3. Avoid alcohol-based or harsh cleaning products as those will deteriorate the cushion material at a faster rate.
  4. Sanitize your table after every patient visit using our recommended Protex Disinfectant Spray.
Hill Labs is dedicated to building a high-quality product that will last for decades. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and building quality products so you can provide your patients with the best outcomes possible.
Your customer experience
Whatever your request or need, we will ensure we do our very best to fulfill them. It is our duty to provide the best possible customer experience for every customer.
High Quality Products
We've built this company on the core value of quality medical equipment for the world to benefit from. Each and every order is built and tested in our factory in Frazer PA.
Family-Owned Business
Four Generations have overseen and evolved our company since 1945. We see all of our employees and customers as an extension to the Hill family. All are valued and welcome here.
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Well-respected and very reliable for decades.
Don Gray
I don't remember the last time I encountered a company that went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction...
Dr. Paula D. Scariati
I've been using Hill Laboratories tables in my practice for 10 years and love the tables! Hill stands behind their products.
Dr. Ammitai Worob
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