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Greenberg Sales Co. specializes in sales and service of Hill Laboratories products in the state of Tennessee and Mississippi. Their team is trained to safely deliver, demonstrate and service any Hill Laboratories product.
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Greenberg Sales Company is a registered Hill Laboratories Dealer in Tennessee and Mississippi for sales, delivery and service of Hill Laboratories chiropractic and physical therapy tables. View all of the Hill models below available to purchase with Greenberg Sales.

About Hill Laboratories

Our Mission
Hill Laboratories purpose is to manufacture quality and effective medical devices at a tremendous value that contribute to the well-being of the human mind, body and spirit.
Our Vision
Hill Laboratories vision is to devote our work to innovative and exceptional healthcare outcomes that increase one's quality of life.
Healthcare is full of endless challenges. To play a part of the Healer's journey is a true honor.
Benjamin Hill, 4th Generation
Four generations through the years...
We established our purpose
Starting in the late 1930’s, Benjamin Hill and his son Ben began a search of therapeutic treatment methods for elderly, arthritic patients. They experimented with several ideas with varying levels of success until they eventually developed the Hill Anatomotor Roller Table. The two found that their new invention brought real relief for arthritic symptoms. To their surprise was the attention they received from therapists and doctors across the country who were treating complex and chronic pain conditions in all of their patients using the Anatomotor. A demand was created and an American business was born.

Photo: Models pose with the first prototype of the Anatomotor
Spinal Traction is added to the Anatomotor
As disc surgeries became more popular, the Hills decided for a non-invasive approach by adding lumbar and cervical traction to the Hill Anatomotor. In combination with the back rollers, Osteopathic doctors quickly adapted this complimentary treatment for low back and cervical disc pain, including widespread mobility limitations like disc herniations and sciatica. Ben Hill manufactured them as fast as possible. He would see each completed table onto a cargo train himself or would often deliver and demonstrate the techniques in person.

Photo: Ben Hill demonstrates lumbar traction on the Anatomotor
Howard Hill, Third Generation, Takes the Lead
At the age of 19, Howard Hill became the President of the family business when his father suddenly passed. This marked the beginning of the companies' third generation. Howard immediately went to work with a growing team, spending the next 20 years exploring new avenues and cultivating expanded demand for the now respected Hill Anatomotor.

Photo: Howard Hill demonstrates cervical traction to a customer
The Hill "Adjustable" Medical Tables
In response to customer suggestions, Howard Hill introduced the first Hill Adjustable HA90 treatment table. The table was simple and affordable, included power elevation, a flat top and enclosed base design. Doctors loved it...and began to request special modifications and an ever expanding array of new configurations and options. Over the next 5 years, Hill designed one new model after another. By the 1990's the Hill Adjustable concept had exploded into a complete line of medical exam and procedure tables and chairs.
The Air Flex Table revolutionizes the Chiropractic industry
Up until 1993, Hill Laboratories had a few chiropractic tables in their product line. The release of the Air Flex Flexion and Distraction Table changed the dynamic of how doctors were treating low back pain. With an air-pneumatic self-contained system, the addition of air-powered automatic drops and automatic flexion-distraction, the chiropractic table of the future had arrived to market and the response from the industry was pure excitement.
A bigger manufacturing facility
With a growing demand and client base, Hill Laboratories decided it was time to expand their capabilities. They did just that by purchasing a 45,000 sq/ft manufacturing plant at 3 N. Bacton Hill Road, Frazer PA. The new space awarded the company with the ability to produce at a higher rate, while keeping a quality formula of building custom tables and chairs from start to finish under one roof.
Hill Therapeutics Division is created
Hill Laboratories understood that complementary therapeutic technology was becoming popular in the chiropractic and physical therapy professions and established a new line of therapeutic devices and machines. They acquired the rights to an innovative Hands-Free Therapeutic Ultrasound machine that distributes ultrasonic frequencies over a large sound head. They improved the design and launched it into market. Contrary to a traditional ultrasound therapy, this new FDA cleared modality was effective and saved the practitioner valuable time. Hill Laboratories also added to the product suite the Hill IFC (Interferential Current) E-stim unit and the Horizon Infrared and Red LED Light Therapy device.
Benjamin Hill joins the mission
Benjamin Hill (CEO) joined the company to mark the fourth generation owner of the family business. Benjamin's belief in an authentic and direct connection between the Hill Laboratories employees, the tables they build, the customers they serve and their patients' quality care, is the fundamental philosophy of the company's vision today.
Galen Wertz strengthens Customer Service
Galen Wertz (4th Generation) leads the Customer Service Department as CSO. He initially joined Hill Laboratories in 1992, building the traction control units for the Anatomotor Table. He then evolved his role into inventory purchasing, field service and product delivery. Along with supervising refurbished table and traction control unit production, his department's experience helps the Field Service Technicians, distributors and customers get their maintenance needs resolved quickly and efficiently.
Howard Hill: 50 years as President
Hill Laboratories has experienced considerable growth under Howard’s leadership. Beginning with a single-product family business, he has built the company into a highly respected medical device industry leader with over thirty table models, hundreds of options — all globally distributed in more than 50 clinical disciplines.

Howard Hill has always considered each of his employees as if they were his family. To this day, he prefers speaking directly with doctors and still does personal table demonstrations to ensure each customers’ satisfaction and expectations are fulfilled.
Ben Aller (4th Generation) is the CQO and joined Hill Laboratories in 2018 after spending 20 years in government using data to drive decision making. With an eye for quality, Ben has quickly developed programs and tools to deliver continuous quality improvement. Using his professional experience, Ben has contributed additional management expertise to the company.
Celebrating 75 Years, over 4 Generations
Hill Laboratories has developed into a world leader by providing industry-leading, quality medical tables and chairs to healthcare professionals; from small neighborhood practices and prominent hospital chains, to established universities and professional athletic teams. With over 65 global distributors, and thousands of units shipped every year, the company's mission has proven to be a success.