Chiropractic Group 6 Curve-Restorer Neck/Upper-Back Rehab Device
For treating neck pain by exercising the neck and upper back
Curve-Restorer Neck/Upper-Back Rehab Device
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For Neck and Upper Back Pain towards Rehabilitation
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Exercising the neck and upper back towards rehabilitation and proper head posture
Forward head posture is the number one cause of neck pain and headaches, and plays a major role in many cases of TMJ. Poor head posture places tremendous stress on the neck muscles supporting the head so, in almost all cases, cervical curve reversal is the result of forward head translation. The increased pressure on the spine often leads to early degeneration of the discs and joints in the neck and upper back. Curve-Restorer Neck/Upper-Back Rehab Device exercises strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back to restore proper head balance. (See video above)
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