Part & Upholstery Order Dealer Terms

  1. Parts order may be placed by contacting the Parts Department by phone at 1-877-445-5020 or by emailing [email protected].
  2. Parts orders require a purchase order or email sent to [email protected], serial number of the unit that the part is being installed on, the part number(s) required and the quantity of each corresponding part(s).
  3. Upholstery orders including cushions, covers, accessories are required to be ordered via the Company website. Any inquiries can be directed via email to [email protected].
  4. Dealers receive a discount of 25% off the retail cost of parts or upholstery, unless otherwise specified by the Company.
  5. Dealers must remit 100% payment to place and activate an order. Payment types accepted for parts orders are Emailed Check to [email protected] or Credit Card (0% fee).
  6. Shipping costs shall be provided at the time of order. Shipping fees are as follows and may be subject to change:
  • Parts orders that are $99.99 or under after Dealer discount is applied will be charged a flat rate of either $12.50 for USPS Priority or $17.50 for FedEx Ground. Dealers may specify which method at the time of ordering. USPS Priority method may be unavailable for orders based on carrier limitations to weight and package dimensions. If no method is specified then the Company will choose at their discretion.
  • Parts orders that are $100 or more after Dealer discount is applied qualify for free shipping.
  1. All parts, including upholstery orders, are covered under warranty by the Company for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the product’s shipment if the defect is due to quality of materials or workmanship on the part of the Company.
  2. To process any parts order, the Dealer is required to maintain a favorable account status with the Company. Moreover, if the provided serial is linked to an end-user with an unfavorable account standing, the Company reserves the right to withhold order fulfillment until a resolution is reached.
  3. Returns for parts orders, excluding upholstery orders, are accepted for items that are in new and unused condition and must be initiated within 30 days of receiving the parts. The Dealer is responsible for the return shipment fees and will be refunded the cost of the part, excluding the original shipping fees. The part must be returned to the Company within 45 days of the shipping date of the part.
  4. Returns for upholstery orders are not accepted.

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