Chiropractic Group 6 Air Flex II Air-Powered Manual Flexion Table
Optional Air Drops, Auto-Flexion and Auto-Distraction
Air Flex II Air-Powered Manual Flexion Table
Model shown with additional options
7" HD Touchscreen Controls
Thoracic / Abdominal Release
Customize your options and colors
+ 33 Color Options
Cushion Color Options
Standard Vinyl
Finesse Material
Base Color
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One of our best sellers, made even better.
Since 1993, the Air Flex model has been an efficient and innovative flexion and distraction treatment table for chiropractors. The Air Flex II is perfect for doctors who want a full-featured manual flexion and distraction chiropractic table with the option of adding drops, automatic flexion and automatic distraction functions. Doctors have always loved the Air Flex brand for its amazingly responsive treatment action with patients balanced on a cushion of air during their treatment.
AirFlex Touch Screen
Touch screen controls: A virtual command center
With an intuitive interface, the table's advanced functionality is at the touch of your finger. Unique standard features include:

• TargetTouch™ - Preload the flexion cylinder to automatically balance your patient's weight
• Smart Lock - One-touch unlocking for manual flexion
• Sleep Mode - Automatically recharges your air supply in between appointments by activating the internal air compressor
Add efficiency and accuracy for each treatment.
Build Your Air Flex II
Chiropractic Flexion Table
Add up to four air powered drops
The Air Flex II can be equipped with up to four drops to suit your needs. These include Cervical Dual Drop (forward motion and straight down), Thoracic Drop, Lumbar Drop and Pelvic Drop. All drops are powered by our internal air system and activated with a pressure foot pedal or optional power foot strips.
Build Your Air Flex II
Automatic Flexion Distraction Table
Automatic Flexion and Automatic Distraction Options
The Automatic Distraction option (shown) adds fully programmable lumbar and cervical traction to the Air Flex II. You control the rest-cycle time, pull-cycle time, rest percentage, treatment time and force in pounds or kilos. The Auto-Flex option changes the table from manual flexion to automatic flexion for controlled, air-powered flexion cycles. You control the number of cycles, speed, depth, hold time and rest time.
Precise, repeatable decompression and flexion functions.
Build Your Air Flex II
Table Top
  • Tilting Headpiece
  • Thoracic Release
  • Slide Out Ankle with Straps
  • Removable Tiller Bar
  • Air Powered Distraction
  • Air Flexion -15°/+10°
  • Lateral Flexion ≤ 21°
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Electric Height
  • Corded Foot Pedals
  • Powder-Coated Steel
  • Thermo-Plastic Base
Electric Height
21.5” - 29” (Optional 24.5" - 32")
68" - 77"
24” (Optional 27")
3" Medium Density Standard (Soft, Firm, Extra Firm Available)
7" HD Touchscreen, Flexion SmartLock, TargetTouch, Auto Sleep Mode
Move and Lock Up To -15° Flexion / +10° Extension
Lateral Flexion
Move and Lock Up To 21°
Accessories Included
Matching Ankle Straps, Removable Tiller Bar
Product Weight
Lifting Capacity
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty On All Parts

Delivery Methods

We have three methods of delivery:

  1. Standard Freight: By appointment and inside or curbside delivery
  2. White Glove Freight: By appointment, set up inside room and remove packaging
  3. Hill Dealer Delivery: By appointment, set up inside room and product demonstration (Available in dealership regions only)

We do our best to make delivery easy. Please note that delivery costs may vary. An estimate can be provided at the time of ordering. Global transit times vary from 2-7 business days. International shipments may be extended due to customs and local duties.

Hand-Built for You

At Hill Labs, we build all of our tables custom to order. All models have various lead times needed to build and ship your order. If you have any questions about the current production lead times, or if you have specific timing needs, please contact us.

Here are the most common support materials for this model. If you need additional information, check out our Service & Support Center.

Taking good care of your table will help it last a long time. Here are instructions for how to clean your Hill Labs table:

  1. Spray Hill Labs Upholstery Cleaner on your table top and wipe down your table using a soft cloth.
  2. If you are using a product other than one tested on Hill vinyl, test the cleaner on a small area of the table first to ensure no discoloration happens.
  3. Avoid alcohol-based or harsh cleaning products as those will deteriorate the cushion material at a faster rate.
  4. Sanitize your table after every patient visit using our recommended Protex Disinfectant Spray.
Hill Labs is dedicated to building a high-quality product that will last for decades. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and building quality products so you can provide your patients with the best outcomes possible.
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Wow! I am really happy with my new Hill Laboratories Air-Flex. All of the special customizing we did for the table came out great. I am definitely a HAPPY CAMPER.
Dr. Charles A. Munday, D.C.
I have waited for twelve years before buying my “Dream Table” and you truly helped in that. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my peers. The table works great!
Dr. Laura A. Belmar
Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate my Air-Flex table and Hands Free Ultrasound unit. I’ve been getting AMAZING results with patients and I am thrilled to have such competent and well made equipment.
Dr. John Slippy, D.C.
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