Hill Laboratories Company Therapy Equipment and Products

Hill Therapeutics is a division of Hill Laboratories Company. We are dedicated to providing the most innovative therapy product line at an affordable price. Therapeutic Ultrasound Unit, Light Therapy Units including Infrared Light, Red Light and Blue Light, Phototherapy Unit and The Curve Restorer; Cervical Spine Rehad Device.

HF54 Hands Free Ultrasound HF54 Plus Hands Free Ultrasound
with IFC

The only ultrasound FDA-cleared for Hands-Free use.


The HF54 eliminates the two most common application errors associated with a traditional manual ultrasound treatment.
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Electro-Light Infrared Therapy Hands-Free Infrared Device

Four Infrared and Red Light Therapy Applicators for multiple simultaneous treatment.

was $1595, now $1295

Four Hands-Free thermal Infrared applicators transmit light and heat.
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IFC Interferential Unit Hill IFC
Interferential Unit
4 Channels of IFC, Premod, Russian, Tens and Galvanic.

was $1595, now $995

The Hill IFC Interferential Unit is a state-of-the-art therapy device cleared by the FDA for multi waveform, multi-channel use.

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Horizon Light Therapy Horizon Infrared
& Red Light Therapy

A Powerful 800mW of Infrared and Red Light

was $1595, now $1395

The Horizon unit delivers a powerful 800mW of infrared (880nm) and red (660nm) light with 36 infrared LEDs and 7 visible red LEDs. A dose of 4 J/cm2 takes about 90 seconds.
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Curve Restorer Neck Correct
Cervical Spine Rehab

Helps restore curve & reduces pain from forward head posture

, now $69

Rehab the Cervical spine and increase your practice income. Ten minu`tes of daily exercise is sufficient to strengthen the major muscles of the neck and upper back.
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2x2 electrodes 2"x2" Square Electrodes
(4 pack)

Standard quality, Single-Sided. (Fits all brands).


A great price for standard, general-use, single-sided electrodes that fit all brands of therapeutic modalities.
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Horizon Mini OTC Hill Therapy
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