Physical Therapy Group 6 REPEX McKenzie Extension and Flexion Table
Automatic Mechanical Therapy
REPEX McKenzie Extension and Flexion Table
Standard 24° Extension and 20° Flexion
The pelvic cushion unlocks for patient comfort during treatment.
+ 33 Color Options
Cushion Color Options
Standard Vinyl
Finesse Material
Base Color
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Designed with and Endorsed by the McKenzie Institute
Robin McKenzie and Howard Hill collaborated to produce the REPEX™ Therapy Table. Treating with the REPEX™ is based on the patient’s directional movement preference and provides measurable and positive outcomes particularly in the management of acute and chronic low back and leg pain patients. The REPEX™ automatically takes the patient through repetitive end-range passive-range-of-motion movements of extension and/or flexion.

"If you are like most patients with mechanical back pain, you are better when moving and worse when you remain in one position for prolonged periods." ~ Robin Mckenzie

McKenzie Repex Table
Programmable Automatic Extension and Flexion Protocols
The REPEX™ is equipped with a 6" HD touchscreen display which allows you to enter the depth angle for extension or flexion, hold time of each repetition, number of cycles and the total treatment time. Once programed, the table automatically and passively exercises the patient's lower back to its full available end-range.
Automatically control up to 24° Extension and 20° Flexion.
Build Your REPEX™
Repex Headpiece
Ultimate Patient comfort during unassisted McKenzie Exercises
The REPEX™ comes standard with a sliding soft foam headpiece that glides and adds comfort to the patient experience. The armrests are adjustable in and out. Both the headpiece and the armrests can be completely removed if desired.

The pelvic section can unlock and will distract out during extension and flexion exercises. The foot cushion is also adjustable in length to accommodate your taller patients.
Includes soft foam head, sliding pelvic section and adjustable arms and foot cushion
Build Your REPEX™
Repex Physical Therapy
Customize your REPEX™
All REPEX™ tables are built to order, choose from the various options and colors to design the perfect table for your physical therapy needs.
Upgrade to the Finesse Material for puncture resistance and long lasting durability.
Build Your REPEX™
Table Top
  • Sliding Headpiece
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Sliding Pelvic Cushion
  • Slide-Out Foot Section
  • 6" Touchscreen Control
  • 24° Auto Extension
  • 20° Auto Flexion
  • Variable Speed / Angle
  • Patient Stop Switch
  • 26" Height
  • Thermo Plastic Base
  • Powder Coated Steel
27"W x 26"H x 72"L
2.5" Medium (Main), 4" Extra Soft (Headpiece)
Touchscreen Controlled Direct Drive System
Product Weight
Weight Capacity
300lbs (Dynamic), 500lbs (Static)
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty On All Parts

Delivery Methods

We have three methods of delivery:

  1. Standard Freight: By appointment and inside or curbside delivery
  2. White Glove Freight: By appointment, set up inside room and remove packaging
  3. Hill Dealer Delivery: By appointment, set up inside room and product demonstration (Available in dealership regions only)

We do our best to make delivery easy. Please note that delivery costs may vary. An estimate can be provided at the time of ordering. Global transit times vary from 2-7 business days. International shipments may be extended due to customs and local duties.

Hand-Built for You

At Hill Labs, we build all of our tables custom to order. All models have various lead times needed to build and ship your order. If you have any questions about the current production lead times, or if you have specific timing needs, please contact us.

Here are the most common support materials for this model. If you need additional information, check out our Service & Support Center.

Taking good care of your table will help it last a long time. Here are instructions for how to clean your Hill Labs table:

  1. Spray Hill Labs Upholstery Cleaner on your table top and wipe down your table using a soft cloth.
  2. If you are using a product other than one tested on Hill vinyl, test the cleaner on a small area of the table first to ensure no discoloration happens.
  3. Avoid alcohol-based or harsh cleaning products as those will deteriorate the cushion material at a faster rate.
  4. Sanitize your table after every patient visit using our recommended Protex Disinfectant Spray.
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