The Hill Air-Flex and the Hill AFT are both great flexion tables with many similarities. Both are available with automatic-motorized flexion; both can be ordered with up to four optional air-drops; and both are available with the same selection of optional headpiece configurations…including cervical flexion. Further, both tables feature electric adjustable height, optional thoracic release and/or spring-breakaway, a slide-out ankle support, and manual lateral lumbar movement that locks at any angle.

So, with so many similarities, how are the Air-Flex and AFT different?

In several ways, actually. The following questions are designed to explain some of the main differences and help you determine which model might be best for the way you practice:

  • Is “manual flexion” a “must-have” for your practice?
If so, then the Air-Flex is for you. Only the Air-Flex offers manually-controlled flexion allowing you to move the lumbar section easily and only by using your hand on the tiller bar. (the “Auto-Flex” feature can be added if you want both manual and motorized flexion).

  • Do you use Lumbar Rotation?
Though both the Air-Flex and AFT offer lateral movement in lumbar flexion, only the Air-Flex offers lateral AND rotational movement in flexion (lateral can be used with or without rotation).

  • Do you want Automatic Lumbar or Cervical Distraction?
If so, then again, only the Air-Flex is available with optional Automatic Lumbar and Cervical Distraction. Auto-distraction allows you to control the rest, pull, pull-percentage, time and cycles of distraction from a beautiful touch-screen display.

  • Are you looking for a dedicated Motorized-Flexion Table?
If you prefer motorized flexion with no need of manual flexion, the AFT is the best choice. The AFT features variable speed flexion from 1-28 rpm and optional timer for up to a 30-minute treatment.

  • Do you prefer manual drops (as opposed to Air-Drops)?
If so, only the Hill AFT is available with up to four manual drops.

Here’s a simple side-by-side features comparison of the Air-Flex and AFT:

AirFlex Deluxe   Air Drop AFT Deluxe
Air-Flex Table Air-Flex

Chiropractic Air Powered Flexion & Distraction w/ optional Air Drops

Starting at $5495
Lease at $187/mo

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Man AFT Manual-Drop AFT

Variable Speed Automatic Motorized Flexion Table, optional Manual Drops

Starting at $5350
Lease at $182/mo

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Air AFT Air-Drop AFT

Variable Speed Automatic Motorized Flexion with four standard Air Drops

Starting at $8750
Lease at $298/mo

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Repex Table REPEX Table

McKenzie Flexion, Extension, Passive Range of Motion, Touchscreen

Starting at $8695
Lease at $295/mo

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